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Leader of the Animal Spirits, Jason Flicker is the main character of the Animal Spirits Saga. He finds that after touching the Cursed Necklace, he can turn into a lion. He looks out for his team in anyway possible even if it costs him his own life.

Background HistoryEdit

Jason has had a good life. From birth to now he has never had anything serious to deal with. His parents are happily married and his 9 year old sister is perfectly healthy. Everybody seems to like Jason as he is co-captain and is one of the smartest students in his school. Everybody, apart from Mikel. Jason and Mikel have a burning rivalry because Mikel stated that he didnt need Jason as a friend and that he was nothing but a nuisance. Jason's best friend is Jim Lepper, whom he met after Jim moved next door.


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The creator of the saga, came up with the idea as he was falling alseep.

Initially, Mikel was going to be the only villain.

The animals in the saga are inspired by the creator's love of animals.

Many of the locations are based on places that the creator has been to or has seen.

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